S :: SUN :: simple idea which once shaped my understanding of leadership

[as a part of 26 ABC metaphors that helped to shape my leadership]

The SUN does not ask, is it good day to RISE or not. It JUST RISES and GIVES ALL ITS ENERGY to the WORLD. And makes it EVERY DAY.

A sunrise happens every day.
And it can not be differently.
Everybody knows, what the SUN is and what is the importance of the SUN for our planet.
And the Sun fulfills its role 100% effectively. And the Sun makes it EVERY DAY.

When I was applying for Vice-President and later for President of AIESEC in Macedonia, I had that one big and simple idea driving me: I wanted AIESEC to be like a SUNRISE. Meaning, obviously & essentially important and useful for the world.
Sun rises above the Pyramid of the Sun
[Sun rises above the Pyramid of the Sun by Alexander Polezhaev on flickr]