Why it is good to live in a bubble

It’s hard to keep being positive, inspired and full of energy. Especially in our age of information, when every single moment of our life is full of incoming bits from e-mails, news, messages, conversations etc.

Informational noise is one thing which I truly don’t like.
And what I try to do is to filter it.
But HOW to filter it?

[In A Bubble by garryknight, on Flickr]


Once upon a time in Myself

When I was a teenager I didn’t like my city and especially the area I used to live in. And the most natural way of coping with unpleasant reality became creation of my own sub-reality, my own story.

I needed that environment not just to surround myself with beauty I was missing, but also to find meaning. I wanted to ask and answer big questions, I needed those people who would be interested in the same level of conversations, people whom I could not find in the outside world.

I didn’t find them – I created them. The main heroes of “my Story” appeared as characters of inner dialogues and all the mythical worlds got created as beautiful environment for meaningful conversations.
But why a fantasy story?

the Story which never starts and never ends

Before you actually make a first step nothing will move by itself.

This is what all those wise men were talking about with “journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step” and “road appears under the steps of the walking one“.

[at the Crossroad by ~Hermanne-Allan-Poe]

Your personal Story can start from ‘HERE’ and ‘NOW’, you just need to DECIDE: “here is the beginning, the Chapter #1, ready >> steady >> go!”. And just GO.

In fact, our Story never starts and never ends. We just mark our infinite Way with turning to different directions. There are no real roads in life, just the directions. And you can choose whatever way you want to walk, the only thing which determines the difference between moving and not moving is the DECISION.

So, decide to move.

Decide to step out of your dormancy.

Decide to start your own discovery, your quest for adventure.

All the people I know have never regretted they started to travel, to search, to explore, to make something out of their curiosity. It applies both to real traveling and to non-physical movement, like search of the career path, life direction or finding yourself. But they all agree: the hardest and the most important moment is to make a first step.



Do you want to live the Story without beginning and ending? Do you want to disappear in the flowing river of history?

Or you want to live with excitement, passion, enthusiasm, feeling every single moment that YOU are ALIVE?

I start this blog today with one special intention: to give it a try to awake myself and others. Join the tribe : )