Why it is good to live in a bubble

It’s hard to keep being positive, inspired and full of energy. Especially in our age of information, when every single moment of our life is full of incoming bits from e-mails, news, messages, conversations etc.

Informational noise is one thing which I truly don’t like.
And what I try to do is to filter it.
But HOW to filter it?

[In A Bubble by garryknight, on Flickr]


Michel de Montaigne said:

A strong imagination begetteth opportunity.

If you could imagine whatever life you’d like to live, why not to use the opportunity to live LIFE which is full of LIFE?

V :: VIRUS :: make your idea contagious

Everything in Leadership starts with BIG IDEA.

I will repeat it as many times as I can because I think it’s essential.
If you are a leader you should have a stand, a vision, a big picture of the desired end state to inspire people to follow.

Most of the true followers stand by your side not because of you, not because of what you do, but because of why you do it. There is a big idea behind every extraordinary example of leadership, whether it’s a brand, an ideological theory or a movement.

And if you want to make it work,
your idea needs to be a virus.


[Model of a Virus by eviltomthai on flickr]

You’ve probably seen this picture before. Same as many other thousands of pictures with nice inspiring or just wise words and quotes, social media made them easy to share and… almost useless.

For a long time I’ve been collecting pictures. It became a habit: once I see a picture I like, I immediately download it and store in my personal “library”. A special place in my “Library of meaningful beauty” is given to pictures with words. And I truly admire those people who manage to put together beautiful and meaningful, thus to create something new.

J :: JEWELLERY :: how much do the titles matter?

I’ve met many people in AIESEC who are too much concerned about positions, name of these positions and especially sound and big titles. We actually do like big titles, every other AIESECer is a “president” of something.

Of course it’s quite important to have a cool name of your position especially for your CV and later on when you will go for a job interview you’ll probably feel proud that you were “president” and “vice-president” while being 20-something years old.

As a part of my 26 ABC metaphors that helped to shape my leadership,
I’d like to share what I personally think of all our positions and titles:

They are like beads on a necklace.

[necklaces by Vilseskogen, on Flickr]

C :: COCOON :: an underestimated state of a leader

This was a personal letter to my successor, next President of AIESEC in Macedonia, as an introduction to the transition booklet. With slight modifications I introduce one more idea of 26 ABC metaphors that helped to shape my leadership:

So, you’ve got a leadership position? Congratulations! I can easily imagine how much anticipation and how many questions fill up your mind right now. But before you start thinking of strategies and plans, just lean back for couple of minutes and imagine yourself as a butterfly.
Actually wait, don’t imagine. It’s a bit too early for being a butterfly, you are now just about to start this transformation journey and this transition guide is just one small piece of support for you. Small, but useful :)

So, imagineā€¦
You are now similar to a big fat green CATERPILLAR.

[Caterpillar by ~worseevil on deviantART]

S :: SUN :: simple idea which once shaped my understanding of leadership

[as a part of 26 ABC metaphors that helped to shape my leadership]

The SUN does not ask, is it good day to RISE or not. It JUST RISES and GIVES ALL ITS ENERGY to the WORLD. And makes it EVERY DAY.

A sunrise happens every day.
And it can not be differently.
Everybody knows, what the SUN is and what is the importance of the SUN for our planet.
And the Sun fulfills its role 100% effectively. And the Sun makes it EVERY DAY.

When I was applying for Vice-President and later for President of AIESEC in Macedonia, I had that one big and simple idea driving me: I wanted AIESEC to be like a SUNRISE. Meaning, obviously & essentially important and useful for the world.
Sun rises above the Pyramid of the Sun
[Sun rises above the Pyramid of the Sun by Alexander Polezhaev on flickr]