C :: COCOON :: an underestimated state of a leader

This was a personal letter to my successor, next President of AIESEC in Macedonia, as an introduction to the transition booklet. With slight modifications I introduce one more idea of 26 ABC metaphors that helped to shape my leadership:

So, you’ve got a leadership position? Congratulations! I can easily imagine how much anticipation and how many questions fill up your mind right now. But before you start thinking of strategies and plans, just lean back for couple of minutes and imagine yourself as a butterfly.
Actually wait, don’t imagine. It’s a bit too early for being a butterfly, you are now just about to start this transformation journey and this transition guide is just one small piece of support for you. Small, but useful :)

So, imagineā€¦
You are now similar to a big fat green CATERPILLAR.

[Caterpillar by ~worseevil on deviantART]