B :: BLANK PAPER :: the paradoxal power of imagination

[as a part of 26 ABC metaphors that helped to shape my leadership]

Most of the leadership roles in AIESEC last for one year only. It means that all the main leadership teams of a global organization get into constant rotation, people are coming and leaving, generations are changing very fast. And it happens at all levels of organization, the President of AIESEC International serves just for 1 year too. And usually in spring there is time of “elections fever”, the time when people from all over the world are applying for different roles, filling out the questionnaires, writing endorsement letters to ones to each other, living in the atmosphere of competition in order to select leaders for the next year term.

Several years in a row AIESEC International team application pack consists of CV, Bio, general and position related questions, video, executive summary but also (and most interesting) the Blank Paper Challenge, also known as “Big Idea” file. What’s that?

[Blank by ~Renegadeboy on deviantART]